The Life of a Tree: A Children’s Book for Adults

The Life of a Tree book cover

The life of a tree from its own point of view.
From a seed to a home for many.

With short rhyming phrases for the little ones
and notes of these tucked into the back for adults.

How are trees born?
How do they grow?
Do they help each other? Do they speak or trade?

A book of rhymes, beautiful images and a different view.

Being a father, I have read many books with my child. Many of these were not interesting or simply aimless. The idea behind this book was to make something interesting for both the child and the reader or adult and also to not make the tree anthropomorphized.

The life of a tree can be a lot more than just a tree in its prime. Many aspects which benefit the surrounding ecology and ourselves only occur when a tree is over mature or dying or even dead. This books illustrates that.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Island Lescure

For a link to The Life of a Tree Kindle edition, please click here: Amazon Kindle Edition Link