International Tree Management Solutions in India

Effective Tree Management on a Rooftop trees

We are tree consultants/consulting arborists providing professional tree management services in urban settings.

We offer tree management consultancy services based on our clients’ needs where we strive to meet or to exceed international standards. For us, healthy trees are major assets and should be protected. Dangerous trees, on the other hand, can be liabilities. Some liabilities can become assets if properly managed.

We protect and manage healthy trees and reduce the risk from dangerous trees (or recommend removal when necessary)

This is done through tree risk assessment surveys where we inspect the health and structure of trees and give recommendations with appropriate time-frames based on the findings.

We advise developers, architects and engineers on trees on development sites

To achieve this, we identify the trees that could be kept and the ones that are less beneficial or in poor condition.

This helps the developers, architects and/or engineers make decisions during the planning and construction phases as the trees to be kept are taken into consideration. They are then protected appropriately during the entire development process.

We increase green infrastructure with trees using appropriate selection criteria based on the factors relevant

Ensuring that the right trees are planted in the right place will allow them to thrive and therefore provide many benefits. Are you looking for shade? Plant evergreen trees as they wont lose their leaves for the five hottest months of the year.

Other tree management services:

  • Basic tree surveying training
  • Software for tree surveying

For more information about how we can collaborate, please have a look at our Tree Consultancy Services page.

Additionally, you can always contact us directly to discuss any tree related matters.

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